Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 6/10)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

*Reminder: The Freeway Fighters Digest now goes out on Thursday afternoons. All Friday news items will be in next week’s edition.*

Freeway Fighters News

New innovations planned for Brent Spence Bridge corridor 
MSN June 10, 2024
When the $3.6 billion, 8-mile Brent Spence Bridge corridor project is complete by 2029, the area connecting Cincinnati to Kentucky will look significantly different.

‘A Petition, a Website, and a T-shirt’: Ann Arbor Advocates Share Tips for Fighting Highway Expansions
Streetsblog USA June 10, 2024
The Michigan Department of Transportation has rescinded a proposal to expand a highway — and the advocates who helped propel that victory are sharing their lessons for communities across the U.S. fighting similar battles. 

Together again: Towns work to reconnect neighborhoods divided by trains and automobiles
Soapbox Cincinnati June 11, 2024
One of the many quirks of getting around in Cincinnati is an unusual bit of highway engineering known as the Lockland Split. 

Meet the woman working to create a Rondo renaissance in St. Paul 
Star Tribune June 11, 2024
Mikeya Griffin is a child of Rondo, with a great aunt and uncle migrating to St. Paul from Mississippi 80 years ago.

Community leaders celebrate construction milestone at Dallas’ new I-35 deck park
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth June 12, 2024
Dallas is one step closer to having another bridge park in the city.

5 takeaways from the latest Highway to Nowhere update 
The Baltimore Banner June 13, 2024
The Highway to Nowhere has been an inescapable piece of infrastructure for over 50 years that historically caused more damage than any good.

Intersection of ideas on Interstate 94 
Midway Como Frogtown Monitor June 13, 2024
As MnDOT evaluates its upcoming Interstate 94 project, community members are talking about how they live, work and play along the corridor, and what they envision for the next 50 years.