Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 5/27)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

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*Reminder: The Freeway Fighters Digest now goes out on Thursday afternoons. All Friday news items will be in next week’s edition.*

Freeway Fighters News

Ramstad: Cutting out I-94 seems fantastical, especially in slow-to-grow St. Paul
Star Tribune May 25, 2024
The front-page article a few weeks ago about Twin Cities activists who want to see I-94 removed and turned into a boulevard between the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul barely hinted at the effect that would have on the region’s economy.

Highway expansion options cut from big U.S. 23 project in Ann Arbor
MLive May 25, 2024
A major U.S. 23 overhaul project in the works for Ann Arbor’s east side won’t include a freeway expansion, an option previously under consideration, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

In El Paso, a Texas highway may threaten Rio Bosque wetlands
El Paso Matters May 27, 2024
At Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, a flock of white-faced ibises wade in the shallow water. 

Michigan DOT Nixes Ann Arbor Highway Expansion 
Planetizen  May 28, 2024
After Ann Arbor leaders and resident advocates pushed back on proposals to widen U.S. 23 as part of a major improvement project, the Michigan Department of Transportation has taken them off the table., according to an MLive article by reporter Lucas Smolcic. 

Advisory Group Members, Public Want 710 Stub Master Plan to Address Traffic
Pasadena Now May 29, 2024
Members of the Reconnecting Communities 710 Advisory Group called for the inclusion of traffic mitigation and economic development plans in the master plan being developed for the SR 710 Northern Stub — the 50 acres of land that was relinquished to the city in 2022.

‘Freeway fighters’ want to remove urban highways and reclaim cities for people, not cars
WBUR May 30, 2024
America’s Interstate Highway System cut through the hearts of many downtown areas when it was built in the 1950s and ’60s, leaving a legacy of inequality and urban impoverishment.

Major downtown highway could get tunnel treatment as part of new sports district plan
The Salt Lake Tribune May 30, 2024
A vision of Ryan Smith and his Smith Entertainment Group’s new downtown sports and entertainment district includes tall, gleaming buildings, lining a long promenade leading right to the front door of the Delta Center, the home of the Jazz and Utah’s new professional hockey team.