Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 2/26)

Lauren MayerWeekly News Digest

Hi all,

Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Freeway Fighters News

Understanding what’s going on with I-35’s expansion in Austin 
Texas Standard February 27, 2024
Interstate 35 is one of the major north-south routes that cuts through America’s heartland, connecting major cities like Dallas, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

The Mayor Who Tried to Stop a Highway 
Strong Towns February 27, 2024
Opposition to highway and road expansion projects is becoming noticeably mainstream. 

Following ‘pivotal’ year, highway-capping Stitch enters new phase
Urbanize Atlanta February 28, 2024
Following what’s being called by backers of downtown’s Stitch project a “pivotal year” in 2023, the ambitious, highway-capping greenspace project is transitioning to a new phase that aims to use public input as a tool for hammering out final designs.

New bid to expand I-94 follows a painful legacy for Black and Hispanic communities
WPR February 28, 2024
If a $1.2 billion proposal by the state Department of Transportation gains approval from federal regulators, Interstate 94 would expand from six lanes to eight lanes for about 3.5 miles near American Family Field in Milwaukee.

US spends billions on roads rather than public transport in ‘climate time bomb’
The Guardian February 29, 2024
New analysis finds money from Biden’s $1.2tn infrastructure bill has overwhelmingly been spent on widening highways for cars.

I-35’s Massive Overhaul Will Displace Dozens of Businesses and Last Nearly a Decade
Austin Monthly Magazine February 29, 2024
On a foggy morning in January, 72-year-old Charles Herrman hops into his Lincoln sedan and drives north on Interstate 35 to Stars Cafe. 

St. Petersburg Group Advocates for I-175 Demolition to Reconnect Communities
BNN Breaking March 1, 2024
In a bold move aimed at enhancing community connectivity and addressing historical divides, a new group in St. Petersburg, Florida, is championing the cause to demolish Interstate I-175. 

Assessment finds ‘gaps’ in air monitoring tests for I-45 widening 
Houston Chronicle March 1, 2024
Air Alliance Houston’s analysis of air quality testing and plans for downtown portions of the planned Interstate 45 rebuild has been critical of highway officials for inadequate reports on how exactly the project and construction will create more pollution.