Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 2/12)

Lauren MayerWeekly News Digest

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Freeway Fighters News

Calls Mount to End the Era of Unquestioned Highway Expansion
The Urbanist February 11, 2024
America Walks, the national pedestrian advocacy organization led by former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, has launched a new campaign calling on policymakers at all levels of government to rethink their plans for highway expansion and instead invest dollars in repairing and maintaining existing infrastructure and creating cohesive communities. 

Meet the Freeway Fighters Who Are Suing the Texas Department of Transportation
Strong Towns February 13, 2024
One of the most egregious highway expansion projects we’ve encountered is the I-35 project in Austin, Texas. 

Buffalo’s $1 Billion Highway Fix Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Critics Say – Bloomberg February 14, 2024
For the last 35 years, the sounds and smells of the Kensington Expressway have been a constant accompaniment to Marcia Ladiana’s life on Buffalo’s East Side. 
Will America ever stop building more highways?
The Washington Post February 15, 2024
For decades, the United States has built and expanded a 220,000-mile network of state and interstate highways, easing cross-country travel while dividing cities and boosting suburban sprawl.

States are drag on escaping highways-first mentality, alternative-mode advocates say 
Toledo Blade February 15, 2024
Grassroots organization will be key to shifting American transportation policy because entrenched highway interests dominate state-level planning and the U.S. Senate’s take on transportation funding, leaders of several groups promoting walking, cycling, and public transit said during an online news conference Wednesday afternoon.

How Freeway Construction Reshaped Two Vibrant Twin Cities Neighborhoods February 15, 2024
The Twin Cities, much like other cities in the United States, underwent major surgery between 1940 and 1970 to make way for the construction of the interstate highway system.

Detroiters Weigh in on MDOT’s I-375 Reconnecting Communities Project
Hour Detroit Magazine February 15, 2024
In 1964, the 1-mile highway of I-375 stretching north from Jefferson to Mack Avenue was built without the consent of the neighborhoods it destroyed. 

Unsustainable highway expansion: The urgent need for a shift in transportation policy
BNN Breaking February 16, 2024
In a nation crisscrossed with sprawling highways and bridges, the clamor for more lanes and longer roads never seems to quiet.