Freeway Fighters Digest (weeks of 11/20 & 11/27)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Freeway Fighters News

Reckoning 375: Why advocates say centering Black voices is key in I-375’s redevelopment
WDET 101.9 FM November 18, 2023
In the next installment of Detroit Today’s miniseries, Reckoning 375, we explore what I-375’s reimagining would look like if the needs and concerns of Black Detroiters were placed at the center of the city’s redevelopment plans.

Highway Boondoggles 2023: Pandering in the Panhandle – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA November 20, 2023
Opened in the 1960s, Interstate 10 is the longest interstate in Texas, stretching 881 miles east to west across the state. 

El Paso’s Downtown 10 labeled national ‘boondoggle’ by Public Interest Research Group
KFOX November 21, 2023
A major infrastructure project proposed by TxDOT was lambasted by a national think tank as well as a county commissioner Monday.

Will the new I-375 boulevard be like the Davison? – WDET 101.9 FM
WDET 101.9 FM November 22, 2023
The construction of I-375 in downtown Detroit beginning in the late 1950s hastened the destruction of the majority Black neighborhoods around it – Black Bottom and Paradise Valley.

Highway Boondoggles 2023: Salt Lake Shenanigans – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA November 22, 2023
Stretching 1,470 miles along the western mountains of the United States, Interstate 15 traverses six states, starting near the Mexican border in San Diego County, California, and terminating north at the border with Canada.

I-15 expansion a source of anxiety, frustration for SLC residents who face potential relocation
KSL TV November 26, 2023
The Milicevic family has moved twice in their lives — neither time by choice.

Highway Boondoggles 2023: This Bridge is a Bridge Too Far – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA November 28, 2023
Opened in 1917, the northbound section of the Interstate Bridge was the first automobile bridge to cross the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon.

Austin residents worry that I-35 expansion will mirror historical segregation of city
The Daily Texan November 28, 2023
Austin residents worry that the planned expansion of Interstate 35 could repeat the road’s role in the historical segregation of the city. 

Fetterman Introduces Bill to Ensure Affordable Housing in Forgotten Communities
Beaver County Radio November 29, 2023
Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman today introduced legislation to ensure long-term housing affordability. 

Coalition believes Buffalo roads could handle Kensington Expressway traffic if filled-in
WGRZ November 29, 2023
The East Side Parkways Coalition, Citizens for Regional Transit, and members of the University at Buffalo Department of Architecture and Planning believe data shows that radial streets could handle Kensington Expressway traffic if the parkway was restored. 

Residents outraged over controversial $10 billion highway expansion in major city: ‘I don’t … – Yahoo
Yahoo December 1, 2023
A project that will add up to four new lanes on an 8.1-mile stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike is expected to have a budget of $10.7 billion, sparking protests from residents and environmentalists alike.