Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 9/18)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Freeway Fighters News

Historians fighting to stop highway expansion over Civil War battleground – September 17, 2023
Historians in eastern North Carolina are fighting to stop the state from expanding a highway over the site of a Civil War battleground.

This is What Victory Looks like, Freeway Fighters – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA September 18, 2023
Freeway fights are often long, drawn-out affairs, that involve challenging poorly conceived and wasteful projects at a seemingly unending series of public meetings. 

Southeast Community and downtown Newport News are cut off by I-664, railroad tracks …
The Virginian-Pilot September 19, 2023
The Newport News Southeast Community was cut off from being able to easily access downtown decades ago due to the construction of Interstate 664.

City of L.A. and Metro seek federal money for open space and infrastructure projects
Urbanize LA September 20, 2023
Earlier this year, the City of Long Beach struck pay dirt through the Federal Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods program, netting $30 million for a project which will realign Shoreline Drive to double the size of Cesar Chavez Park. 

Proposal to Demolish Marina Freeway Quickly Gains Support | News |
Westside Current September 20, 2023
The project has its own website, featuring an animated, bucolic rendering of a 3 mile long park adjacent to Ballona Creek, where the 90 freeway once funneled traffic from Lincoln Boulevard, past the 405 and onto Slauson Boulevard.  

Can Reparative Investment Finally Heal the Wounds Left by I-375? | The Michigan Chronicle
The Michigan Chronicle September 20, 2023
For many Detroiters, Interstate 375, or I-375, has long been just another stretch of urban highway, a concrete artery connecting different parts of the city. 

794 could see major changes as WisDOT weighs preliminary redesign plans – WUWM
WUWM September 20, 2023
794 is likely to see some major changes in the next few years. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) released several different proposals for what these changes could look like, and even though construction is years away, these plans are already being hotly debated.

Highway traffic pollution puts communities of color at greater health risk, data analysis shows
ABC News September 21, 2023
To Amy Stelly and other residents of New Orleans’ Tremé neighborhood, the elevated stretch of Interstate 10 built alongside their homes more than a half-century ago is known as “The Monster.”

Black Community Cut Off by Akron’s ‘Road to Nowhere’ Seeks to Undo Damage – WSJ
The Wall Street Journal September 21, 2023
A freeway built in the 1970’s through a Black community in Akron was supposed to reinvigorate the city’s downtown, but instead it became known as the “road to nowhere” that devastated several neighborhoods.

Borough president proposes tearing down FDR drive in Fidi – Tribeca Citizen
Tribeca Citizen September 21, 2023
Borough President Mark Levine has a nascent plan to tear down the elevated FDR Drive between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Battery, and hopes to take advantage of federal funds for “Reconnecting Communities” to move it along.

Manhattan BP Wants To Raze FDR Drive South of Brooklyn Bridge – Streetsblog New York City
Streetsblog NYC September 21, 2023
A newly revived dream of tearing down the FDR viaduct south of the Brooklyn Bridge and turning it into a waterfront bike and pedestrian oasis must overcome state and federal bureaucrats who have often been unwilling to remove awful urban highways.

New Orleans ‘Monster’ expressway highlights national debate over highway removal | Nightline
YouTube September 21, 2023
Longtime Treme residents have been sounding the alarm about the health dangers stemming from the Claiborne Avenue Expressway, but solving the problem is far from simple.

Austin pursues federal funding for I-35 ‘cap and stitch’ – The Business Journals
The Business Journals September 22, 2023
I-35 is set to grow in Central Austin. The city would like to cover the redeveloped highway with parks and bridges, but is seeking federal support to bring the vision to reality.

Austin competing to get $105 million to build caps & stitches over I-35
CBS Austin September 22, 2023
The City of Austin is trying to get $105 million in federal dollars to transform Interstate-35 through downtown Austin.