Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 9/4)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

The combined Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods (RCN) Program is accepting applications through September 28, 2023. The RCN Program aims to advance and support reconnection of communities divided by transportation infrastructure – with a priority on helping disadvantaged communities improve access to daily needs. Learn more. 

Freeway Fighters News

Detroit Future City calls for I-375 project to invest more in Black community than a walkable boulevard
Detroit Metro Times September 2, 2023
Plans are underway to demolish Detroit’s I-375 freeway and replace it with an “urban boulevard” in an effort to reverse the destruction it brought to the historically Black neighborhoods Paradise Valley and Black Bottom. 

Four deck parks may get new life with federal funding – The Dallas Morning News
The Dallas Morning News September 2, 2023
Dallas’ freeway grid might have effectively connected the region, but it has proved a concrete divider for our city’s neighborhoods, with highways like Interstates 30 and 45 choking off areas like southern Dallas from the urban core.

I-15 expansion: Plan to widen Utah stretch inches closer – The Salt Lake Tribune
The Salt Lake Tribune September 2, 2023
The Wasatch Front Regional Council last month approved a slew of projects coming to northern Utah over the next six years — and reaffirmed a plan to widen Interstate 15.

Taking The Highway To Right Wrongs Of The Past In Urban Areas | CT News Junkie
CT News Junkie September 6, 2023
Roads might not seem like an obvious solution to structural inequalities. 

Concept phase nearly complete for Philly’s plan to cap section of I-676 – WHYY
WHYY September 7, 2023
Plans to build a highway cap over a section of the Vine Street Expressway are taking shape.

Seattle City Council committee approves resolution to ‘Lid I-5’ – September 7, 2023
After being talked about for years, the Seattle City Council took steps Tuesday to start the process of building a ‘lid’ over Interstate 5 (I-5) with a vote supporting the development of the lids.

Seattle City Council Supports Lidding I-5 in New Resolution – The Urbanist
The Urbanist September 7, 2023
On Tuesday, the Seattle City Council passed a resolution supporting the development of freeway lids in the city.

Seattle City Council Considers Resolution to Lid I-5 – The Stranger
The Stranger September 7, 2023
After the federal government constructed I-5 in 1961, the Seattle Times compared the aftermath to the Blitz of London. 

Chinatown Stitch: Philly reveals concepts for capping I-676 – NBC10 Philadelphia
NBC10 Philadelphia September 7, 2023
An effort is underway in Philadelphia to reconnect the Chinatown neighborhood decades after the Vine Street Expressway cut it apart.

Austin elected officials, community groups coalesce in opposition to I-35 expansion
Austin Monitor September 7, 2023
At a town hall event last week, U.S. Rep. Greg Casar became the latest community leader to speak out against the Interstate 35 Capital Express project that is due to break ground next year.

Halifax’s new development projects must not repeat the wrongs done to … – The Conversation
The Conversation September 7, 2023
The African Nova Scotian community has long struggled with displacement and erasure when it comes to urban planning. 

Reconnecting Communities With ReConnect Rondo | Saint Paul, MN Patch
Patch September 8, 2023
Keith Baker, the executive director of ReConnect Rondo, talks about both the history and the future of the Rondo neighborhood on AASHTO’s ETAP Podcast from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Las Vegas Residents Push Back on Freeway Expansion | Planetizen News
Planetizen September 8, 2023
Las Vegas residents are questioning a proposal by the Nevada Department of Transportation to widen Interstate 515, also known as US-95, in downtown Las Vegas, writes April Corbin Girnus in Nevada Current.

Driving Ourselves To Destruction: Road Expansion Is The Highway To Hell – Newsroom
Newsroom September 8, 2023
Let’s not buy the idea that making holiday traffic flow better is a key national productivity gain, any more than turning sausages more efficiently on a barbecue.

In fight to remove divisive Claiborne Expressway, activists turn to new strategy — an EPA study
WWNO September 8, 2023
Aside from the occasional discarded hypodermic needle on the ground, Hunter’s Field Playground looks immaculate — almost untouched.