Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 8/28)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

The combined Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods (RCN) Program is accepting applications through September 28, 2023. The RCN Program aims to advance and support reconnection of communities divided by transportation infrastructure – with a priority on helping disadvantaged communities improve access to daily needs. Learn more. 

Freeway Fighters News

It’s 2023 and L.A. City Is Still Widening Lots of Roads – Streetsblog Los Angeles
Streetsblog LA August 26, 2023
Some folks out there may be under the mistaken impression that Los Angeles is not really widening roads any more.

Noise concerns amplify as I-35 expansion in Central Austin nears
Austin Monitor August 28, 2023
Now that the expansion of Interstate 35 through Central Austin has cleared a final bureaucratic hurdle, the city can expect the project to resonate in more ways than one.

City leaders consider making 4th Avenue open to two way traffic – WBRC
WBRC August 29. 2023
Birmingham city leaders are now exploring the possibility of using grant funding to switch 4th Avenue North back to two way traffic.

Some Austin City Council members joining group that opposes I-35 expansion plan – KVUE
KVUE August 30, 2023
Several members of the Austin City Council are joining the group Rethink35 to speak out against a plan to widen Interstate 35.

UT Austin wants to cover I-35 from Dean Keeton to 15th Street – August 30, 2023
University of Texas officials are hoping to cover I-35 from 15th Street to Dean Keeton once the main lanes of the highway are lowered and upper decks demolished as part of TxDOT’s interstate expansion plan.

Group urges ‘reparative investment’ for razed Detroit neighborhoods
The Detroit News August 31, 2023
As a project to replace Interstate 375 approaches, the nonprofit Detroit Future City is calling for a reparative investment that would benefit those with ties to the Black Bottom and Paradise Valley neighborhoods.

Birmingham wants to convert major one-way street downtown to two-way – August 31, 2023
Birmingham has applied for federal funding to help turn a major one-way street downtown into a two-way street, which officials say will promote economic development and improve safety.

Researchers discuss reimaging I-35 corridor through Duluth – Northern News Now
Northern News Now August 31, 2023
In recent years, many people and groups have voiced a desire to change the way I-35 runs through Duluth.

Rethink35 Is Suing TxDOT Over I-35 Expansion With Broad Community Support
The Austin Chronicle August 31, 2023
Widespread opposition to the I-35 expansion has led to its logical conclusion: The Texas Department of Transportation is getting sued, and a whole lot of Austinites are on board.

Proposed expansion of Peña Boulevard sparks heated debate – Denver7
Denver7 August 31, 2023
It’s the only highway into and out of the third busiest airport in the world and yet, nearly 30 years after it was built, Peña Boulevard to and from Denver International Airport is still only two lanes most of the way in either direction.

What should be done with 794? – Milwaukee Record
Milwaukee Record August 31, 2023
It’s the Local Debate Topic du jour. When we’re not arguing about the streetcar for the 800 gajillionth time, the hot new discussion is the proposed removal of the lakefront spur of this freeway, between the Hoan Bridge and the Marquette Interchange

Pasadena’s 710 Advisory Group Visits Freeway Stub’s Key Locations
Pasadena Now September 1, 2023
The City’s Reconnecting Communities 710 Advisory Group visited three key locations in the ‘relinquishment’ property Wednesday, in an effort to connect their plans and visions to the reality of re-establishing the 710 Freeway stub into a neighborhood once again.