Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 8/7)

Lauren MayerWeekly News Digest

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Freeway Fighters News

Metro to Mitigate Increased Driving on Future Freeway Expansion Projects – Part 1
Streetsblog LA August 5, 2023
When CA agencies widen freeways they must mitigate the resulting increase in driving – by including components that get folks out of cars.

I-35 expansion plans raise more concerns from city council members | KEYE – CBS Austin
CBS Austin August 5, 2023
Some city council members are voicing concerns about the I-35 expansion plans.

West-side residents rally in protest of UDOT’s proposed I-15 expansion
The Salt Lake Tribune August 6, 2023
Bicycle bells rang and music played in the Rose Park Elementary parking lot as residents from across Salt Lake City’s west side rallied against the expansion of Interstate 15.

Letter Reveals Changes to I-35 Expansion Plan in Austin | Planetizen News
Planetizen August 7, 2023
A letter sent by Austin mayor Kirk Watson to opponents of a freeway widening project outlines proposed changes to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)’s Interstate 35 expansion plan, which is being opposed by resident groups and some local officials.

HUD’s $85M competitive grant program incentivizes changes to restrictive land use policies …
American City and County August 8, 2023
In the push to reduce housing costs, restructuring land use policies and zoning norms is an influential measure that’s been proven to be effective—and one that’s within the control of local governments.

Is Buttigieg’s equity push petering out? – POLITICO
Politico August 9. 2023
Just days into his tenure as Transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg outlined an ambitious plan to restore cities and neighborhoods gutted during federal interstate highway expansion that began nearly 70 years ago.

Climate-friendly New York is pouring federal funds into highway expansion projects
Crain’s New York Business August 9, 2023
New York state is pouring federal infrastructure dollars into highway expansion projects in and around the city with little attention to emissions reductions—at odds with city and state sustainability goals, according to an incendiary new report from Comptroller Brad Lander.

Here’s what we know about two plans to remove I-794, and seven plans to repair the freeway
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel August 9, 2023
The issue of whether downtown Milwaukee’s Interstate 794 should be repaired or removed entered a new phase with recent open house meetings.

Twin Cities Advocates Split Over What’s Possible for Their Downtown Highway
Streetsblog USA August 10, 2023
A proposal to tear down a Minnesota highway that’s devastated Black and low-income communities for generations is officially back on the table — and fueling a heated debate among advocates about whether it’s actually possible.

New Ohio Law Promises to Tear Down Neighborhoods for Highways – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA August 10, 2023
In March 2023, hours before the Ohio state governor signed the new House Bill 23, State Representative Tom Patton wrote new language in the transportation budget that mandates the Ohio Department of Transportation build an interchange every 4.5 miles between major cities.

Milwaukee residents fear more flooding due to planned I-94 expansion – Wisconsin Watch
Wisconsin Watch August 10, 2023
Janet Haas two decades ago saw potential in a field of thistle, grass and bushes that Milwaukee County had neglected: Valley Park, nestled between the Menomonee River to the west and homes in one of Milwaukee’s most racially diverse neighborhoods to the east. 

Racism by Design: The Building of Interstate 81 | ACLU
American Civil Liberties Union August 11, 2023
David Rufus was just a toddler when the bulldozers rolled into the streets of his Syracuse, New York, neighborhood in 1960.

More Options Presented for Minneapolis I-94 Project | Planetizen News
Planetizen August 11, 2023
“In mid-July, the Minnesota Department of Transportation rolled out a slate of 10 design alternatives for the future of a 7.5-mile stretch of Interstate 94 that runs between Minneapolis and St. Paul, including two options that would bring the highway to grade and convert it into a boulevard, which won the most community support in early public meetings.”

The ‘eightball’ of continued transportation-emissions rise: How to get out from behind it
Science Blog August 11, 2023
Since the 1970s, U.S. scientists and environmental regulators made significant strides in reducing air pollution by cleaning up tailpipe and smokestack emissions.