Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 6/12)

Lauren MayerWeekly News Digest

Hi all,

Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Freeway Fighters News

Public hearing on Kensington set for June 20 – Audacy
Audacy June 10, 2023
Two public meetings on the plans to cover a portion of the Kensington Expressway project are scheduled for June 20th at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Community invited to see progress in plans to cover Route 33, reconnect East Buffalo neighborhoods
Buffalo News June 11, 2023
The push to knit together the East Buffalo neighborhoods divided by the Kensington Expressway continues to move forward as governments work to undo the damage caused in the 1950s and 1960s when highway construction came first and neighborhood needs came last.

Why Small Cities Torn Apart By Highways Need Extra Help to Heal – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA June 12, 2023
A new program will help smaller communities start the process of redesigning highways and other transportation investments that tore apart their communities — and shine a light on why it’s so hard for them to do it without outside help.

Should Interstate 35 through downtown Duluth be dismantled? – Star Tribune
Star Tribune June 12, 2023
 The ribbons of freeway that cleave downtown Duluth and Canal Park in two have for decades acted as physical obstacles, keeping walkers and bikers of each area — both vital to economic growth — from exploring the other.

Pasadena Puts Out Bid for Historic Report on 710 Displacement
Pasadena Now June 13, 2023
The City of Pasadena has published a Request for Proposals for the preparation of a historic report about the State Route 710 displacement which occurred when eminent domain leveled Pasadena neighborhoods for construction of the northern extension of the Long Beach freeway.

South Park Organizes To Tackle Highway Pollution – The Urbanist
The Urbanist June 14, 2023
Often after Rosa Lopez picks up her son from school, they walk under a highway and half a mile to the South Park Community Center.

How Biden’s Goal to ‘Electrify Everything’ Contributed to a Flooding Crisis – Capital B
Capital B June 14, 2023
Sometimes, even when it’s not raining, 78-year-old widower Willie Horstead Jr. thinks he hears the floodwaters seeping beneath his home, sucking the metal box deeper into Alabama’s rich soil. 

Charlotte could redevelop a highway that divided Black neighborhoods into homes …
Axios Charlotte June 15, 2023
A vision is taking shape for Charlotte’s West End that proposes tearing down acres of highway infrastructure that divided the historically Black neighborhoods from Uptown

Little Rock’s Planned I-30 Deck Park Moving Slowly Forward
Arkansas Money & Politics June 15, 2023
When Interstate 30 was laid across Little Rock’s eastern flank in the early 1960s, it brought new connections to destinations across the interstate system.