Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 4/17)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

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In case you missed it: the 2023 Freeways Without Futures report from CNU is available now! The ten campaigns featured in this report illustrate the evolution of the Highways to Boulevards movement and envision reparative infrastructure that reknits communities, addresses the damage caused by these highways, and centers community priorities.

Freeway Fighters News

Highways don’t belong in cities – The Daily Texan
The Daily Texan April 17, 2023
Imagine if somebody proposed replacing Guadalupe Street, from Airport Boulevard through UT and downtown, with a highway, which would carry interstate traffic from Mexico to Minnesota. 

Officials continue work to bring a deck park to I-30 in downtown Little Rock
The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette April 17, 2023
Roughly 130,000 vehicles use the Interstate 30 corridor through Little Rock to cross the Arkansas River every day.

MDOT seeks input on I-375 project: The history behind the freeway – WXYZ
WXYZ April 17, 2023
For many Detroiters in their mid-50s and younger, I-375 has been nothing more than a freeway. 

Advocates Crash 101 Celebration of Induced Traffic and Pollution – Streetsblog San Francisco
Streetsblog San Francisco April 18, 2023
Induced demand? What’s that?

These 10 Urban Freeways Deserve To Be Demolished — But Will They? – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA April 19, 2023
America is at a watershed moment in the fight to heal the harms of urban freeways that tore apart predominantly BIPOC and low-income communities, a new report argues — but what that healing will look like, exactly, is still an open question.

Renewal set for unique Detroit overpass connecting Jewish community –
Construction Connect Canada – ConstructConnect April 19, 2023
You might say things were falling through the cracks.

We Can Have It All: Shorter Commutes, Less Traffic. Why Aren’t We Doing It? – The New Republic
The New Republic April 19, 2023
The time drivers waste in traffic disproves the idea that car culture maximizes individual freedom, social philosopher and journalist Andreas Gorz argued in his 1973 essay “The Social Ideology of the Motorcar.”

Detroit I-375 removal project: Review plans, give feedback at Eastern Market event
ClickOnDetroit April 19, 2023
The state is preparing for a major project to remove I-375 in Detroit, and officials are looking for feedback from the community.

MDOT forum talks plan to turn I-375 into a corridor with sensitivity regarding problematic past
FOX 2 Detroit April 20, 2023
 The Michigan Department of Transportation set up post in the Eastern Market shopping around its I-375 reconnecting communities project.

Study dubs Austin’s I-35 ‘freeway without future’
KXAN April 20, 2023
A study conducted by a national urban mobility organization ranked Austin’s I-35 on its list of 10 “freeways without futures,” citing the highway’s history of segregation, proposed expansion’s displacement impacts and environmental concerns as reasons for its listing.

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Stops Work on $15 Billion Turnpike Expansion
Streetsblog USA April 21, 2023
Oklahoma’s freeway fighters are resting a little easier this week, having learned that the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) is halting all work related to the $15 billion turnpike expansion, ACCESS Oklahoma.

New York State Wants Your Input On Kensington Expressway Project – 106.5 WYRK
106.5 WYRK April 21, 2023
New York State is moving forward with the plan to cover a section of New York State Route 33 which runs through the remnants of Buffalo’s Humboldt Parkway.