Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 4/10)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

The 2023 Freeways Without Futures report from CNU is available now! As this group is well aware, we are facing a watershed moment in the future of urban freeways in North America. The ten campaigns featured in this report illustrate the evolution of the Highways to Boulevards movement and envision reparative infrastructure that reknits communities, addresses the damage caused by these highways, and centers community priorities.

Freeway Fighters News

A Fork In The Road: States Will Determine The Future Of US Transportation Pollution
CleanTechnica April 8, 2023
Tailpipe pollution from cars and trucks accounted for 23% of the country’s climate pollution in 2019, and indirect emissions from fuel and vehicle production bring that up to almost 40%. 

Reconnecting upstate communities through highway redesign – Spectrum News
Spectrum News April 9, 2023
This week, JoDee Kenney sits down with State Senate Transportation Committee Chair Tim Kennedy and Restore Our Community Coalition Chair Stephanie Barber Geter. 

‘Before we can reconcile and reconnect, we must recompense’: Federal grant aims to build …
The Commonwealth Times April 11, 2023
A federal grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation, DOT, will be used to reconnect Richmond’s Jackson Ward neighborhood, according to the Reconnect Jackson Ward initiative. 

710 Stub Advisory Group to Hold First Meeting – Pasadena Now
Pasadena Now April 11, 2023
The City’s Reconnecting Communities Advisory Group will hold its first meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Five Dallas Council Members Call for Independent Study of I-345 Removal – D Magazine
D Magazine April 11, 2023
Five City Council members are requesting their colleagues to direct the city manager to commission an independent study into the impact of removing Interstate 345.

Turnpike authority, hit with lawsuits, investigative audit, halts ACCESS Oklahoma
The Oklahoman April 12, 2023
The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority notified its board and its consultants Tuesday that all work on its $5 billion ACCESS Oklahoma expansion plan will be halted as the agency is confronted with multiple lawsuits and an investigator audit requested by Attorney General Genter Drummond. 

Why Is It So Hard to Kill This Freeway? – April 12, 2023
Keith Pete remembers what Claiborne Avenue was like before the interstate. 

Latest report says I-35 in Austin is a freeway without a future
CultureMap Austin April 12, 2023
On the heels of TxDOT beginning their $606 million expansion of I-35 through Austin, a new report has declared the freeway has no future if Americans want to reduce the harmful impacts of construction.

CityLab Daily: Fate of a Controversial Highway Divides New Orleans – Bloomberg April 13, 2023
Constructed amid a highway-building frenzy in the US, the infamous Claiborne Expressway ripped apart a thriving Black community in New Orleans over a half-century ago.

Not a Surprise: 101 Freeway Widening Shows Negative Results – Streetsblog San Francisco
Streetsblog San Francisco – Streetsblog USA April 13, 2023
Traffic congestion on 101 remains essentially unchanged in San Mateo County, despite the recent completion of an almost $600 million express lane project that included fifteen miles of widening.

Dallas leaders want to study the impacts of tearing down I-345 | KERA News
KERA News April 13, 2023
Members of the Dallas City Council on Monday asked the city manager to study whether tearing down I-345 downtown will help improve the area.

Reconnecting Communities | VPM
VPM April 14, 2023
In the course of transportation history, progress has always come at a cost.

Freeway Removal Projects Gain Momentum | Planetizen News
Planetizen April 14, 2023
Writing in the Congress for New Urbanism Public Square blog, Lauren Mayer outlines freeway removal projects around the nation that are being aided by federal support, thanks to the federal government’s “acknowledgement of historic harms with financing through the federal Reconnecting Communities program.”