Freeway Fighters Digest (weeks of 11/21 & 11/28)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Check out these awesome resources shared by fellow freeway fighters:

How Artists Create More Responsive, Equitable, Sustainable Transportation Solutions 
The St. Paul (MN) – based organization Forecast: Public Art addressed Transportation in Issue 2 of its online/digital (open access to all) journal Forward. This issue was produced as a collaboration with Smart Growth America, a program of Transportation for America.

Stop Paving Over Our Rights: How to have fewer cars, less pollution, and better transportation for all 
Amnesty International Canada has published a new comic book that makes the connections between transportation, climate, and human rights easy to understand. The comic book follows Andy and Samira as they organize against a highway expansion project in their neighborhood.

Freeway Fighters news

SPUR Talk: Bury or Tear Down US-101 and the Central Freeway – Streetsblog SF
Streetsblog SF November 19, 2022
an we take a moment to yell and celebrate Prop. J?” asked ARUP’s Kate White at a panel discussion Thursday afternoon at SPUR’s Urban Center in downtown San Francisco about germinating plans to remove 101 and the remaining stub of the Central Freeway. 

Community groups call for state to quit stalling on bicycle, transit expansion
Providence Business News November 19, 2022
Advocates are pressuring state leaders to put the pedal to the metal on expanding public transit and bicycle paths across the state.

How a park designation could derail the I-45 expansion in Houston – Axios
Axios November 22, 2022
A Houston City Council member is resurrecting a push to designate White Oak Bayou near downtown as a city park — all in an effort to derail the controversial Interstate 45 expansion project.

Is Wisconsin widening a highway whose traffic has not increased in 20 years?
Wisconsin Watch November 22, 2022
Wisconsin’s Interstate 94, the state’s longest expressway, has experienced modest traffic increases in the past decade.

Wisconsin takes a step toward a misguided highway expansion that would harm residents …
Environment America November 23, 2022
We’ve seen time and time again that expanding freeways to reduce congestion just doesn’t work.

New Jersey Turnpike Expansion Project, now costing $10 billion, assailed by Hudson residents
Hudson Reporter November 24, 2022
Members of the public spoke and shared their collective concerns for over 90 minutes in opposition to the proposed Turnpike expansion project at a meeting held by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

West-siders are pushing back against I-15 expansion plans – The Salt Lake Tribune
The Salt Lake Tribune November 24, 2022
The Utah Department of Transportation is honing in on its plan to expand Interstate 15 from Farmington on the north to Salt Lake City. 

Rose Quarter I-5 Expansion Won’t Impact Environment, State Assessment Finds
Portland Mercury November 24, 2022
Adding additional lanes to Interstate 5 in the Rose Quarter will have no significant impact on the environment, according to a new environmental assessment from the federal and state transportation departments.

Judge orders halt to work on teardown of Interstate 81 through Syracuse – FreightWaves
FreightWaves November 26, 2022
The demolition of the Interstate 81 viaduct that slices through Syracuse, New York, that was set to start soon has been put on hold through a court order.

Proposed Park Yet Another Hurdle for Houston Interstate Expansion | Planetizen News
Planetizen November 26, 2022
If an initiative to designate Houston’s White Oak Bayou as a city park succeeds, the effort could throw another wrench in the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) plan to expand Interstate 45 in downtown Houston.

The Exceptionally American Problem of Rising Roadway Deaths
New York Times November 27, 2022
About a thousand people gathered on a bright morning on the National Mall the Saturday before Thanksgiving for what has become an American tradition: mourning a roadway fatality.

Cities consider removing highways to revitalize and reconnect urban areas – WMNF
WMNF November 30, 2022
As highways built 50 years ago reach the end of their life spans, dozens of cities across the country are choosing to reconsider them rather than rebuild them. 

I-94 East-West project; opinions shared with transportation committee – FOX6 News Milwaukee
FOX6 News Milwaukee November 30, 2022
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is advancing the long-stalled I-94 East-West expansion, but there is one more push to tap the brakes: a Milwaukee County Board committee urges the state not to expand but to fix the six-lane roadway.

Activists work to take advantage of I-5 Rose Quarter comment period – BikePortland
BikePortland November 30, 2022
When the Oregon Department of Transportation opened up their public comment period for the Supplemented Environmental Assessment of the I-5 Rose Quarter project, critics were ready to seize the moment.

That park above I-70 in Elyria-Swansea is finally open – Denverite
Denverite December 1, 2022
Local, state and federal officials formally opened the park above I-70 in Elyria-Swansea Wednesday, concluding a five-year, $1.2 billion highway construction project.

Federal highways boss calls Colorado a leader in transportation equity and climate policies
Colorado Public Radio December 1, 2022
It’s a vital moment for transportation infrastructure in Colorado.

Lawmaker May Take San Francisco Out of Its Freeway Removal Slump
The San Francisco Standard December 1, 2022
A state lawmaker asked the state’s transportation department to figure out what it would take to remove what’s left of San Francisco’s Central Freeway and to look into what can be done with two other freeways.

Great Streets, Wedge building discussed in Alton
Alton Telegraph December 2, 2022
Members of AltonWorks and Alton businessowners gathered at Jacoby Arts Center Wednesday night for a What’s Up Downtown meeting. that focused on the city’s Great Streets Initiative.

Wiener asks Caltrans to examine removal of San Francisco’s Central Freeway – CBS News
CBS News December 2, 2022
State Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco has asked Caltrans to study the potential costs of removing the Central Freeway and enquired about the removal of two other freeways in the city.

WisDOT recommends environmentally disruptive expansion of Milwaukee’s I-94 instead of plan to fix
Milwaukee Independent December 2, 2022
Milwaukee-area commuters will see a widened Interstate 94 on the city’s west side if a new recommendation from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is adopted.