Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 10/17)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Freeway Fighters news

MnDOT asks community to weigh in on future of I-94, with eye on righting history’s wrongs
CBS News October 2022
Odds are you’ve driven on Interstate 94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul, as it has connected the two cities for more than half a century. 

Reconnect Jackson Ward aims to make residents whole again – VPM
VPM October 15, 2022
From a gazebo in Jackson Ward’s Abner Clay Park, the neighborhood’s history is in view: The Ebenezer Baptist Church built in 1858, the former Armstrong High School and the Black History Museum.

The Underdeck will connect Miamians. Let’s advocate for federal funds to help get it done | Opinion 
Miami Herald October 15, 2022
One can’t help but reflect on some of the terms that became commonplace in the past few years.

Groups across the country are fighting efforts to expand ‘harmful’ highways – NBC News
NBC News October 15, 2022
Nearly 60 years after a mile-long interstate uprooted a pair of bustling Black neighborhoods in Detroit, leaders plan to turn part of the highway into a lower-speed boulevard in a $300 million project that will reconnect those neighborhoods and cut down on highway pollution.

Louisiana touts $95 million plan to spruce up Claiborne Expressway, remove ramps in Tremé October 15, 2022
Last year, the Claiborne Expressway, long a symbol of the sins of 1960s urban planning, was singled out by President Joe Biden’s administration as a project in need of money under a $1 trillion federal infrastructure law.

What happened when Rochester tore out an urban highway – Fast Company
Fast Company October 15, 2022
If you walk down Union Street in Rochester, New York, a road lined with new apartment buildings, trees, and a bike lane, you wouldn’t know that it used to be a highway.

CDOT may be slowing highway expansions, but don’t expect any highway removals
Colorado Public Radio October 17, 2022
The Colorado Department of Transportation and other entities recently made headlines for canceling a handful of highway and road widening projects to comply with a state greenhouse gas emissions-reduction law.

Detroit I-375: Removal, Redevelopment, and Confronting the Reality of Urban-Renewal
For Construction Pros October 17, 2022
A new series investigating the complicated history of city-planning, progress, race and road-building through the lens of impacted communities.

Group Unveils Plans To Replace 794 With Boulevard – Urban Milwaukee
Urban Milwaukee October 17, 2022
A new coalition, known as Rethink 794, has a vision to see Interstate 794 in downtown Milwaukee replaced with a boulevard.

Op-Ed: Michigan Needs a New Transportation Strategy | Planetizen News
Planetizen October 18, 2022
In an opinion piece in Bridge Michigan, Robert Goodspeed calls on the state of Michigan to rethink its transportation spending and shift focus away from expanding freeways and roads that contribute to carbon emissions and induce more driving and congestion.

Dallas, beware TxDOT’s alternative for I-345
Dallas Morning News October 18, 2022
Dallas has been mulling for years what to do about Interstate 345, the 1.4-mile elevated highway that cuts through downtown to connect U.S. Highway 75 to the north and Interstate 45 to the south. 

Neighbors, ‘Stop TxDOT I-45’ fighting for remaining parts of EaDo housing complex – ABC13
ABC13 October 19, 2022
As a part of highway I-45’s expansion project, the demolition of prime living locations in East Downtown soon-to-be underway are forcing many people to vacate their residences.

I-81 project in Syracuse to have heavy focus on jobs for underrepresented communities
Spectrum News October 19, 2022
Interstate 81 in Syracuse as we know may never look the same a few years down the road.

Leaders focus on design details to make community grid more than a roadway – WAER
WAER October 19, 2022
It might be hard to imagine what the community grid replacement for the I-81 roadway will look like, despite detailed renderings from state transportation officials. 

The Underdeck – and Overtown – needs our support | Opinion |
The Miami Times October 19, 2022
I am proud to say that I was born in Overtown.

Our reporting mission: How do we measure the success of the Inner Loop reclamation?
Democrat and Chronicle October 19, 2022
In 1968, when New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller came to Rochester to cut a ribbon to commemorate the completion of Inner Loop highway project, he dubbed it a “national model of a revitalized downtown district.”

Colorado DOT Defends Highway Maintenance | Planetizen News
Planetizen October 19, 2022
Don’t expect Colorado’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) to begin any major highway removal projects in the foreseeable future, writes Nathaniel Minor for Colorado Public Radio.

Independent group seeks public input on I-794 reconstruction proposal – CBS 58
CBS 58 October 20, 2022
The topic of what to do with Interstate 794 is front and center.

After pledging ‘net zero’ emissions, San Diego wants to spend $22.5M to expand a freeway
KPBS October 21, 2022
San Diego traffic engineers are asking the City Council to spend $22.5 million to widen the SR-56 freeway through Carmel Valley, less than three months after the city pledged to achieve carbon neutrality in the next 13 years.

Council Questions the Future of I-345, But Its Destiny May Already Be Decided – D Magazine
D Magazine October 21, 2022
The Texas Department of Transportation on Wednesday presented its plan for dealing with Interstate 345 to the full Dallas City Council.