Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 8/29)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

The call for nominations is now open for the eighth biannual Freeways Without Futures report! This report will be first in the series to coincide with the 5-year federal Reconnecting Communities pilot grant program and the Neighborhood Access and Equity Grants. Nominating your choice for a freeway that should come down is a great opportunity to get local campaigns in the national spotlight while also gaining the support of a nationwide freeway fighting coalition.  Submit your nominations by October 3, 2022.

Next week, join America Walks for their Elections – Are They Talking About the Issues You Care About? workshop. The workshop is geared towards transportation advocates of all stripes and will provide practical steps you can take to get candidates and the public talking about your issue, and taking stands to advance your position. There are two workshop sessions available: September 7th at 6pm – 7:30pm ET (Register Here) and September 8th at 9pm – 10:30pm ET (Register Here).

Freeway Fighters news

Why Detroit Is Tearing Down A Highway
CNBC News Online August 2022
The city of Detroit is bouncing back from its legendary 2013 bankruptcy filing. 

New changes to the I-35 expansion plan through downtown – KXAN
KXAN August 27, 2022
The City of Austin wrapped up its Interstate 35 feasibility study for the central section of the highway this past spring.

Syracuse residents lay out wishes, demands for new neighborhoods after I-81 overpass comes down August 27, 2022
Joshua Frank is a Tampa urban planner hired by the city of Syracuse to help redesign neighborhoods around the rebuilding of Interstate 81.

IDOT’s multiyear plan supports intercity rail, bus-on-shoulder… and lots of driving projects
Streetsblog Chicago August 30, 2022
On August 12, Governor JB Pritzker announced the Illinois Department of Transportation’s new multiyear plan, a blueprint for spending $34.6 billion on transportation infrastructure over the next six years.

TxDOT approves $85B, 10-year plan to widen and maintain highways despite widespread opposition
Houston Chronicle August 31, 2022
Texas has an updated $85 billion decade-long plan to widen and maintain its highways, but the same concerns over freeways forcing more cars into crowded metro areas remain, as advocates on both sides argued Tuesday in Austin.

Los Angeles Freeways Are a Climate Dead End | NRDC
NRDC August 31, 2022
While people think of Metro first for its expansive rail and bus systems, Metro is more than a transit provider.

Feds address Jim Crow-era roadbuilding in Atlanta with new law – 11Alive
11Alive September 1, 2022
An infrastructure bill passed by Congress is expected to try to address some decades-old issues created by highway construction in Atlanta and elsewhere during the Jim Crow era.  

Tear down this road: Cities start to remove highways that divide and disadvantage communities
ImpactAlpha September 1, 2022
Tearing down part of a freeway was such a boon that Rochester, New York, is planning for removal of more of its 1950s-era Inner Loop highway.

TxDot approves highway expansion plan despite public opposition – Texas Signal
Texas Signal September 1, 2022
On Tuesday, the Texas Department of Transportation Commission (TxDOT) voted unanimously to approve the Unified Transportation Program, a 10-year and $85.1 billion highway expansion plan, despite Texans’ widespread opposition. 

TxDOT keeps controversial I-45 expansion on long-term slate of projects
Houston Public Media September 1, 2022
A busload of Houston residents traveled Tuesday to Austin, where they demonstrated outside of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) headquarters and spoke out against its Interstate 45 expansion project, asking to have more of a say in its design and execution and in some cases asking for it to be removed from the state agency’s long-term transportation plan.

Washington Legislature Makes a Quantum Leap on Complete State Highways
The Urbanist September 2, 2022
When the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) repaved the entirety of Seattle’s Lake City Way, also known as State Route 522, between I-5 and city’s northern limit between 2020 and 2021, the department added ADA-compliant curb ramps that were missing along the corridor.

Greenwood residents, lawmakers call for removal of I-244 – KTUL
KTUL September 2, 2022
Residents and lawmakers in Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District are calling for the removal of Interstate 244.

Forget the Central Subway—What’s Happening With the Central Freeway?
The San Francisco Standard September 2, 2022
In a compact city that prides itself on progressive urban design and desperately needs more housing, public officials have inexplicably ignored one especially promising area for innovative development: the land now occupied by the remainder of the Central Freeway.