Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 5/16)

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Here is what is being said about freeway fighting this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Freeway Fighters news

Metro FY23 Budget: Those Freeways Metro Plans to Widen – Streetsblog LA
Streetsblog LA May 14, 2022
Metro is spending more and more money widening freeways. Last year, Metro increased its annual freeway expansion budget by a whopping eighty percent. 

The right to transportation should be a key issue in the Ontario election – The Conversation
The Conversation May 15, 2022
With high gas prices and climate change top of mind for many in Ontario, transportation is shaping up to be a key battleground in the upcoming provincial election.

A lane expansion to unclog I-25 through downtown Denver is not on the table — for now
The Colorado Sun May 16, 2022
Highway officials have given up on expanding lanes to unclog I-25 through central Denver in coming years, saying there’s no money for it, acknowledging a reality that environmental and neighborhood justice groups had been pushing them to recognize. 

Federal Highway Removal Program Raises Hopes in California – The American Prospect
The American Prospect May 16, 2022
In California, where road projects have displaced more than 10,000 families over the past three decades, there’s growing enthusiasm for projects that mitigate the worst effects of the mid-century highway boom. 

Segregation By Design: How one architect is visualizing the legacy of America’s racist urbanism
Fast Company May 16, 2022
Using annotated satellite imagery, historical redlining maps, and archival photos, Segregation by Design highlights 180 American cities decimated by racist planning.

Follow the Money and Change How it is Spent | NRDC
NRDC May 17, 2022
It bears repeating that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will be the largest infusion of federal transportation spending in local communities since the 1950s. 

Groups Say Jersey City Turnpike Extension Hurts Climate – Law360
Law360 May 17, 2022
Dozens of environmental, faith and social justice groups claim New Jersey transportation departments are failing to reduce carbon emissions, and want to shut down a planned $4.7 billion turnpike expansion in Jersey City.

Buttigieg sends $5B to cities for safety as road deaths soar – Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Sun May 17, 2022
With upcoming data showing traffic deaths soaring, the Biden administration is steering $5 billion in federal aid to cities and localities to address the growing crisis by slowing down cars, carving out bike paths and wider sidewalks and nudging commuters to public transit.

Metro Committee Expected to Vote to Not Build Lower 710 Freeway Widening Project
Streetsblog LA – Streetsblog NYC May 18, 2022
Tomorrow, the Metro board Planning and Programming Committee is expected to formally cancel the lower 710 Freeway widening project that Caltrans and Metro had sought to build for decades.

Transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects could get a boost as Denver region’s climate-minded …
Colorado Public Radio May 18, 2022
Early analysis from the Denver Regional Council of Governments suggests that its long-term transportation plan for the metro area will result in greenhouse gas emissions exceeding limits set by a new climate rule adopted last year.

Can Burying Urban Highways Undo Decades of Racial Inequity? – The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast May 18, 2022
A growing “cap-and-cover” movement could replace urban highways with parks and real estate—and reverse decades of racial and class divisions in the process.

Get Ready to Respond | Landscape Architecture Magazine
Landscape Architecture Magazine May 19, 2022
Landscape architects are ingrained systems thinkers and experts on how to balance infrastructure and the ecological imperatives of climate change, all while improving transit networks that bind people together. 

How Infrastructure Can Help Bridge the Racial Divide | NRDC
NRDC May 19, 2022
Embedded in many roads and highways across the United States is a legacy of government policies that have segregated communities, limited economic opportunity, and harmed the environment. 

Cracking the Code on Fighting Highway Expansion Projects – Streetsblog USA
Streetsblog USA – Streetsblog NYC May 19, 2022
As an artist, I love living in Treme — a historic Black neighborhood in New Orleans — especially when it’s quiet. 

Delaware River Waterfront Park Authorization Introduced
Broad and Market May 19, 2022
The Administration sent City Council two pieces of legislation to advance the construction of a public park at Penn’s Landing that would cap part of I-95.

Bill to Prohibit Building Freeways through Sensitive Communities Moves to Assembly Floor
Streetsblog California May 20, 2022
One of the hundreds of bills that made it out of the Assembly’s committee was A.B. 1778, Assemblymember Cristina Garcia’s bill to protect communities in the paths of the inexorable freeway building machine.