Freeway Fighters Digest (week of 3/28)

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Hi all,

Here is what is being said about the Highways to Boulevards movement this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

It was great to see so many of you last week in Oklahoma City at CNU 30, especially the freeway fighting contingents from Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma! For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, there’s another opportunity to meet up with fellow freeway fighters at YIMBYtown 2022 in Portland, OR (April 11-13). Aaron Brown of No More Freeways is one of the co-organizers and has assembled an excellent freeway fighting track.


Highways to Boulevards news

A Grand Vision To Reconnect Albany With Its Waterfront

Albany Proper March 2022

The watercolors offer a compelling glimpse of an attractive alternative present.


Opinion: El Paso deserves a better long-range transportation plan

El Paso Matters March 24, 2022

On Friday, the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization will approve a multi-billion-dollar, long-range transportation plan.


Using a Land Trust to Right Interstate Wrongs in the Twin Cities

Next City March 26, 2022

After months of going door to door in surrounding communities, the nonprofit Our Streets Minneapolis has come up with a vision for replacing a stretch of I-94 with a multi-modal boulevard that would return unused land to the communities most impacted by the highway’s harms.


Norman resident says turnpike expansion proposal will devalue home – KFOR

KFOR March 27, 2022

The turmoil over a controversial turnpike expansion proposal continues as a Norman widow explains how she, like potentially hundreds of others, will be impacted negatively if it becomes a reality.


Oklahomans express more outrage over planned turnpike expansion | Oklahoma City

KFOR March 30, 2022

It was the usual throng of suits and ties at Tuesday’s monthly Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) meeting, but this time they were joined by a flock of Oklahomans to make their presence felt and their disdain for the Access Oklahoma plan clearly known.


Colorado’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule for Surface Transportation Offers a Model for …

Center for American Progress March 30, 2022

Colorado’s statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction mandate, and the associated planning rule from the state department of transportation, offers a model for how to effectively incorporate climate change mitigation into surface transportation planning and project selection.


Oregon figures out how to spend $412M for transportation projects | National News – KPVI

KPVI March 31, 2022

The Oregon Transportation Commission has approved how it should spend $412 million in federal flexible funds to help people and goods move around safely and with less damage to the environment.


Turnpike authority promises to work with residents over expansion plans targeting their homes

The Oklahoman March 31, 2022

Norman residents got their first opportunity Tuesday to confront the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority over plans to destroy hundreds of homes to make way for new toll roads.


Pittsburgh is the latest city to gain a freeway capping park – The Architect’s Newspaper

The Architect’s Newspaper April 1, 2022

With the completion of the $32 million Frankie Pace Park, Pittsburgh has joined the likes of Dallas, Seattle, and other cities where neighborhoods have been disconnected and the urban fabric disrupted by major freeway projects, and years later to stitched back together by a roadway-covering deck structure topped with public green space.