Weekly News Digest for the Highways to Boulevards Movement (week of 1/3)

freewaycreativeWeekly News Digest

Hi all,

Here is what is being said about the Highways to Boulevards movement this week. If you come across any articles, feel free to share and please let me know if you have any questions.

Highways to Boulevards

South Park Joins Growing Movement to Dismantle Freeways

The Urbanist December 2021

From a bird’s eye view, Seattle’s South Park neighborhood is cut in half by SR-99, divided diagonally from one end to another.


Five Climate Moves by the Biden Administration You May Have Missed

Inside Climate News January 1, 2022

Although the Build Back Better package is in limbo, the president is incorporating climate action and environmental justice into government decision-making.


Op-Ed: Reimagining Walking Distance – Streetsblog USA

Streetsblog USA January 3, 2022

Cities and towns should look to increase their walking and biking infrastructure to make it safer for everyone to enjoy cleaner air, quieter neighborhoods and safer streets.


Atlanta hopes to heal neighborhoods torn apart by a highway – Axios

Axios January 5, 2022

Neighborhoods like Sweet Auburn, Summerhill, and others across Georgia that were split apart decades ago during the construction of the country’s interstate highway system could try to repair the damage under a program in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package.


Highways divided Black communities; infrastructure money could bridge gaps

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution January 7, 2022

Four blocks from the church that Martin Luther King Jr. once pastored, a massive overpass bisects what was once a thriving Black community.